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Wool that has passed the initial stage of processing - carded

Sliver available

22-23 μm
Merino 64 quality
23,5-25 μm
Merino 60 quality
23,5-25 μm
Fine hybrid 64-60 quality
26-29 μm
Semi-thin 58-56 quality
29-31 μm
Semi-coarse Highest +1 48-50 quality
28-31 μm
Color 48-50 quality

Sliver can be provided in three forms:

  • wound on bobbins;
  • the layer is pressed into bales;
  • cut and pressed into bales.

Carded is wool that has passed the initial stage of processing — carded.

Carded is an undyed, not bleached wool in a ribbon, with an admixture of vegetable litter, in which there are no guard hairs. Carding has no fiber direction, which allows it to shrink proportionally in all directions when wet felting. It is ideal for creating thick, bulky items that keep their shape well: bags, sneakers and felt boots.

The value of carding is in the unsurpassed quality of the source material, which, remains alive and magical, and at the same time becomes suitable for creativity.

Product photos

Cut merino sliver

Sliver semi-coarse

Sliver semi-thin cut

Sliver color-light

Sliver color-dark

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